Liners, Light, Heavy and Night!  What's the difference?

Liners, Light, Heavy and Night! What's the difference?

Liners, Light, Heavy and Night!

Crystal Burton 
Owner of Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Let's talk about cloth pad size and absorbency!  Have you ever wondered what is hidden inside Tree Hugger Cloth Pads that makes them up for the challenge of taking on your period?  Well let's show you! 

Pantyliners are designed for every day kind of wear for daily discharge or for those many days while you await your period and don't want to be surprised.  Since the job of a pantyliner is to protect your underwear and keep things fresh we try to keep them as thin as possible so that they can do their job and you can forget they are there.  Inside our pantyliners is just 1 thin layer of cotton flannel.  That's it!  Add to that the top fabric of either minky (the softest), bamboo (the most natural) or cotton (the thinnest) and a backing of water-resistant fleece and that is all we need for pantyliner protection.  Tree Hugger Cloth Pads pantyliners come in both 7" length (standard) and 9" length and are approximately 2.25" wide.

Light Flow Day Pads are more comparable to a store bought disposable pads made for your period.  They are longer than our pantyliners and hidden inside is a thirsty layer of a fabric called Zorb instead of flannel.  Zorb is manufactured for the cloth diaper industry so it is all about absorption!  Zorb soaks up 20 times faster than other material and absorbs 10 times its' weight in under 2 seconds.  One layer of Zorb is all we need for our light flow day pads.   They each measure approximately 9" x 2.5" wide.

Heavy Flow Day Pads are thicker but that's because they have twice the absorbency as our light flow day pads!  That's 2 thirsty layers of Zorb!  They are the same size/shape as our Light Flow Day Pads but just have more inside (and a handy label on the back so you can tell them apart!)   They each measure approximately 9" x 2.5" wide.

Night/Postpartum Pads have the same heavy flow requirements so we once again sew in 2 layers of Zorb but our night pads are longer and wider (12" long x 3" wide) so they can hold even more and have better coverage.  

*We do also sometimes offer Light Flow Night Pads and in this case, it would be 1 layer but our standard night pads all have 2 layers inside.

This is the size difference between the inner core of our pantyliners, day pads and night pads:

Now that you know what size you want (likely some of each!) now you can figure out which fabric top is best for you.

Minky vs Bamboo vs Cotton -Fabric Comparison, see the difference for yourself!

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