FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Why use cloth menstrual pads?

How many cloth pads do I need?

How do I wash and care for cloth pads?

I'm worried about leaks, how safe are they?

What is in Tree Hugger Cloth Pads that makes them so absorbent?

What is the difference between minky topped and bamboo velour topped pads?

Can Tree Hugger Cloth Pads be used for Incontinence?

Why choose Tree Hugger Cloth Pads?

How do you wear Tree Hugger Cloth Pads?  Which side is up?

I have questions about shipping

What is your return policy?

Why use cloth menstrual pads?

The reason why people choose cloth pads (or other reusable alternatives) truly depends on the person.  For some who suffer from skin sensitivities and allergies, cloth can give them the much needed comfort and relief that disposable pads just can't provide.  For others, the money savings or reduced trash heading to the landfills means not only are you not throwing away money but less garbage as well!  A win for you and the environment!  Check out our Savings Calculator to see what a difference it could make.

We have a YouTube video about pros of cloth pads here.


How many cloth pads do I need?

How many pads you need comes down to a couple of factors. 1) How often can you do laundry?  The fewer pads you have the more often you need to wash and re-use. 2) How heavy is your flow?  You will likely find that you change cloth pads just as often as you do disposables so if you know how many disposable pads you use in a day then it will give you an idea of how many cloth pads you will use in a  day.  Then it comes down to math: How many pads per day x How many days between washing = your "needed" number.

We have a YouTube video explaining this here.


How do I wash and care for cloth pads?

Washing them can be as simple as tossing them in the washing machine!   Cloth pads do not need to be washed in a strictly cloth pad or cloth diaper load.  If washing with other clothes/towels you may want to pre-rinse depending on your flow.  We choose the fabrics that we have so they can last you many years with minimal fuss.  Washer safe, dryer safe, no special care needed.  Worried about stains?  Natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo stain easier than minky which rarely stains.  If stains set in then just place clean wet pads in the sun or you may use a stain remover product on them such as our stain remover bars or peroxide before washing.  The biggest wash rule with cloth pads is NO fabric softener!  Fabric softener (in the washer OR dryer) will cause your pads to repel instead of absorb.

When you first receive your pads please wash and dry separately once before wearing.

We have a YouTube video about washing here.


I'm worried about leaks, how safe are they?

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® are all made with soft water resistant fleece backing.  The fleece not only helps hold the pad in place but it also acts as a barrier to stop leaks.  Fleece is breathable but also doesn’t wick the moisture out to your underwear as flannel backed would do and yet is still more breathable then disposable pads made out of paper and plastics.  There is no plastic or PUL barrier in our pads so please do make sure you change them often enough.  Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® have secure fitting wings that snap in place to hold your pad in place as well as provide side coverage.


What is in Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® that makes them so absorbent?

Our pads have a hidden inner middle core made of a highly absorbent fabric called Zorb.  Zorb is manufactured in the USA to be used in cloth diapers but we love how well it works in pads too!  Zorb is non-allergenic and it's one job is to absorb and it does it well!  The reason we choose to use Zorb is because of how quickly it absorbs, the large quantity of fluid it can hold and the fact that it is dry in about half a dryer cycle compared to other fabrics that can make pads take two dryer cycles to dry all the way through.  Zorb also stays squishy soft after years of use and doesn't get bunchy and stiff like bamboo and cotton cores can.

Zorb absorbs 10 times it's weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other material (bamboo, cotton, hemp, knits)

Want to see the difference between our different sizes and absorbencies?  Check out photos here.


What is the difference between minky topped/bamboo velour topped/cotton topped pads?

 Let's start by saying that all 3 are great options!  We choose only the best fabrics that can hold up over time, are easy to wash and are comfortable.  Minky is a stain-resistant polyester fabric that is commonly used to make baby blankets.  It is so soft you will want to pet them.  No joke!  Bamboo is a natural fiber that is *almost* as soft as minky but less fluffy.  Bamboo absorbs faster than minky but is not stain resistant.  Cotton is the coolest (temperature-wise) fabric, it has zero "fluff" to it and may stain but it absorbs quickly.  Cotton is a great choice for hot humid climates. 

You can read more about the fabric differences here on our Blog or see our video showing the difference here on YouTube.


 Can Tree Hugger Cloth Pads be used for Incontinence?

Yes!  Since the fabric we use inside our pads actually made for cloth diapers it has super absorption powers!  Due to the size of our pads they cannot replace adult diapers but for minor and stress incontinence we have many customers using our pads daily 24/7.  Some only need pantyliner absorbency while others have greater needs and prefer our day or night pads.  For incontinence use we recommend our bamboo topped pads as they absorb the fastest.

Watch our video about incontinence here.


Why choose Tree Hugger Cloth Pads?

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® are made with the BEST and most luxurious fabrics that we can find.  They are all topped with either minky or bamboo velour.  Minky is ultra soft and is stain resistant and they stay looking new even after years of use.  Bamboo velour is a natural fiber which is a benefit to many and is also very soft but it can stain and is not as soft as minky but still 100 times better then paper/plastic.  By using water resistant fleece for the backing rather then Nylon or PUL fabric you are getting a more breathable pad that will also grip your underwear without slipping around.


How do you wear Tree Hugger Cloth Pads? Which side is up?

Don't worry!  We get asked this a lot.  The side with the label goes against your underwear.  That's it.  Put the pad in your underwear label side down and snap the wings around the crotch.

I have questions about shipping....

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® is currently only shipping to Canada and the USA.

FREE Shipping is offered on orders over $99 to Canada and the USA.

 Please be sure to use your correct and complete mailing address when checking out.  Orders returned to us due to incorrect or incomplete addresses will be re-shipped at your expense.

All orders are sent via Canada Post from Winnipeg, Manitoba in the center of Canada.  

All orders typically process within 3-5 business days, please allow us extra time in November/December, after long weekends and special events.


What is your return policy?

Due to the personal nature of our products we cannot accept returns for refund or exchange.