Buy One Get One Tree


Let's improve the world together!  For every pantyliner or pad that you purchase a tree will be planted on your behalf.  

When you purchase pads from Tree Hugger Cloth Pads you will be helping the environment by:

(1) Reducing waste when compared to using years worth of disposable menstrual protection

(2) Fostering re-forestation by planting trees in a developing nation (where it is needed the most) 

(3) Providing employment for those who are planting trees worldwide.


Tree Hugger Cloth Pads customers CAN change the world!


We have worked with WeForest on a much needed project in Zambia.

We have also planted right here in Canada with The Carbon Farmer!

We have planted with Eden Reforestation planting in Madagascar where Mangroves are desperately needed.

Currently we are donating to Trees for the Future for their work in Agroforestry in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads customers will be responsible for the planting of thousands of trees each year!


Tree Facts:
Trees renew our air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.
Two average size trees produce enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing.
Over the course its life, a single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.
Tree roots stabilize soil and prevent erosion.
Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water, as well as protecting aquifers and watersheds.
An average American uses about 750 pounds of paper every year, and 95% of homes are built using wood. That means each person uses the equivalent of one 100 foot tall, 16 inch diameter, tree every year for their paper and wood product needs.