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Minky vs Bamboo vs Cotton -Fabric Comparison

Minky vs Bamboo vs Cotton

Crystal Burton 
Owner of Tree Hugger Cloth Pads


So many choices, how do you choose?

So you are thinking of switching to cloth pads, that's great!  Not only is that a big decision in itself but then you get to our website and see all of the different sizes and fabric options and have yet another decision to make.  Let's see if we can help! 

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads offers 3 main fabric choices when it comes to our top fabric options.  All of our pads, no matter the top fabric, have the same middle and backing.  Each top fabric has it's pros and cons and it all comes down to personal preference and what it is you are looking for in a pad.  Now to break it down...

We will start with Minky, our #1 best selling top fabric.

Minky is 100% Polyester.


Stain Resistant

Super soft and cuddly (think baby blanket material)

Stays soft and looking like new after years of use

Comes in hundreds of fun colors and prints

Feels most dry while wearing


It is the warmest fabric option

Slowest to absorb compared to the other fabrics

Next up is Bamboo!

Our Bamboo Velour topped pads are 70% Bamboo Rayon, 25% Organic Cotton, 5% Polyester


Very smooth and soft (feels like velour)

Absorbs really quickly 

Adds an extra layer of absorbency to the pads without adding to the thickness

Comes in un-dyed organic

Solid and dark colors are available


They may stain if not treated

They do not come in prints (only solid and un-dyed)

They do lose softness over time

Last we have Cotton.

Our cotton topped pads are topped with 100% Cotton


Thinnest fabric top which makes for the thinnest of our pads

Very cool fabric (temperature-wise)

Fun (but limited) prints


May stain if not treated

Not soft like the other fabrics

Less absorbent than bamboo

If you are unsure which fabric is going to be your favorite than we also have fabric sampler sets that include one of each!

Shop Fabric Samplers Here

How do you wash cloth pads?  Here are 3 very important tips.

Questions about Cloth Pads?  Read some FAQs

Extend the life of your cloth pads with this helpful info.

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