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Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® can be purchased here on our website (we ship worldwide) or from one of the many stores on our growing list of retailers.

To find a retailer near you, click one of the following links to:
(a) View our list of Canadian retailers
  • (b) View our list of USA retailers
    (c) View our list of International retailers.

    To learn about our affiliate program, Click here.

     In Canada:
    Generation Green in The Exchange

    AMP Diapers
    1650 St. James St
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Growing Up Green
    151 A Main Street West
    North Bay
    Ontario, Canada
    Two Mothers-Diapers, Slings and Baby Things
    9553 - 76 Ave
    Edmonton AB
    T6C 0K1
    Tiny Footprint
    Edmonton, AB
    Bear Bums
    Chatham, Ontario
    Lil Monky Cheeks
    Pickering, Ontario
    Tidy Tushees
    Kelowna, BC
    Gentle Nest
    Parenting By Nature

    15 Cedar Pointe Dr. UNIT 4

    BARRIE, Ontario L4N 5R7

    Wylde Rose Handmade Soaps & Candles
    31 Park Ave, Brantford, ON N3S 5H2



    Diapers n' More

    370 Highland Rd. W.

        Kitchener, Ontario

    Lagoon Baby
    Nappy Shoppe
     Fluff & Familia
    Princeton, TX
    Luxury Moon - UK
    Earthwise Girls -UK
    Mama Cloth -New Zealand

    ~Affiliate Program~

    Our wonderful customers truly deserve credit for the success and growth of Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® over the past many years.  You have been telling your friends and spreading the word about us!  You are bringing cloth pads to people who didn't know there were reusable options available!

    We’ve always wanted to say “thank you” and show our appreciation in a concrete way.   So, as a gesture of our appreciation, we invite you to participate in our new Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® Affiliate Program. 

    What is an affiliate program? 

    An affiliate program is a way for YOU to earn money based upon the purchases made by your friends, family, and contacts that you influence to purchase our pads!  Sign up using our on-line form, share your custom link, and we will calculate your commissions based on sales made using your code.

    After you sign up as an affiliate, you will be able to provide your contacts a unique referral link to access our store.  You will earn 10% of all purchases (before tax and shipping) made through your custom link within 15 days of their visit to our web site.

    This is a really cool system!  You can track your commissions and manage payouts through our internal affiliate system.  The system allows you to see exactly the sales you are generating.  Your commissions get transferred to your PayPal account (if you do not have a PayPal account please contact us and we can provide store credit instead) once you reach at least $20 in commissions.

    Money is credited to your account 1 month after a completed sale (to allow for adjustments based upon returns).  Affiliate commissions are on retail sales only (wholesale orders are not included).

    Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® prices are in Canadian dollars so the commission earned will also be in Canadian dollars (Paypal will convert to USD if you live in the USA).

    How to spread the word?

    The greater your ability to reach out to potential Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® customers, the greater your potential to earn money.  Share your link in person to individuals or groups, through social media, YouTube videos, online forums, email signatures or through your own website or blog (if you have one), or other creative ways you may come up with.

    Make sure to be clear with your contacts that they should use your custom link to access our store and purchase pads and that it is an affiliate link (when required by the FTC).  Purchases made by your contacts that DO NOT go through your custom link will not count in your commission totals.  This is an automated system and we will not add commission after-the-fact if people fail to use your code.

    By filling out the registration form you are agreeing to the following:

     1. Affiliates will not post their code to the Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® social media pages, blog, or website nor may you contact current customers through email or other means.

     2. Affiliate will not earn commission on their own purchases

    3. Affiliate will not advertise using our brand name through paid channels such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo (for example)

    4. Affiliate will not represent themselves an Tree Hugger Cloth Pads® , an employee or spokesperson nor will you use any deceptive tactics to earn sales.

    5. Affiliate will not advertise on web sites that are not family-friendly (including but not limited to porn, hate speech, and illegal or unethical topics)

    6. Whe posting you will disclose your link is an affiliate link when required by the FTC.

    7. Affiliate will not post fake discount codes or advertise fake sales in order to encourage people clicking their link.

    *We reserve the right to cancel affiliate accounts at any time if we deem that the rules are not being followed.  Rules may change over time without notice as we learn what works best.

    The next step is to sign up!

    We are excited to provide this opportunity for our customers.  Whether you choose to become an official affiliate or not, we appreciate ALL of the work you do to spread the knowledge of reusable alternatives and Tree Hugger Cloth Pads®!



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