The 3 Most Important Tips to Know About Washing Cloth Pads

The 3 Most Important Tips to Know About Washing Cloth Pads

Tips on how to wash cloth pads


Probably one of the biggest hangups when it comes to switching to cloth pads is the fact you have to wash them.  It seems scary, overwhelming and....gross!  Don't be fooled!  Washing Tree Hugger Cloth Pads is no harder than washing your underwear.  It's easy, it's fast and it's not even gross!  If you are used to having a smelly garbage can of disposable pads in your bathroom you will love how much better cloth pads are, they don't smell! Here are 3 tips to washing our cloth pads to help you get started (other brands have other requirements):

Tip #1- Don't soak them!

That's right, many people assume that because blood is involved that stains will be difficult to fight and that soaking is one more step you need to add to your laundry routine.  Wrong!  Soaking is highly discouraged and completely unnecessary.  Soaking can be hard on the fabric and if left for more than a day can start to smell.  Our best advice is to take off a used pad, toss it in a wet bag until you are ready to wash them and then shake the bag out into the washer.  Wash in cold, warm or even hot (the cooler the better for fabric longevity) and then right into the dryer.  Yes, they are dryer safe!  That's it!

Tip #2- NO Fabric Softener!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to not wash your cloth pads with fabric softener.  Why?  Fabric softener coats the fabric itself to make it soft but this coating also will repel liquids, NOT what you want your pads to do.  Make sure to not use fabric softener in the washer or the dryer (it can even be hidden in your laundry detergent so please read labels).  If you want to shorten your drying time and "re-fluff" your pads use Wool Dryer balls as a great eco-friendly, pad-safe alternative.

Tip #3- Peroxide is the Best Stain Remover

Worried about stains?  Minky topped pads are stain resistant but if bamboo or cotton are more your style then this is a great trick.  Blood is actually a very easy stain to remove in the grand scheme of things.  Pick up a bottle of peroxide at your local pharmacy and squirt some directly on the stain, watch it bubble up and fizz, then rinse with cold water once the fizzing has stopped.  The stains will fizz right out.  It's like magic!  We also sell Stain Remover Bars that rub on if peroxide isn't your thing.  Watch peroxide work on a shirt (finger booboo) in our video.

So how DO you wash Tree Hugger Cloth Pads? Read this! 

 *Note that these tips are most specific to Tree Hugger Cloth Pads but can apply to other brands as well. Always consult with the instructions from the manufacturer for best results.

**Bamboo topped pads do need to be washed on their own the first couple of times to be sure the dye is set.

Have any other questions about cloth pads?  Check out our FAQs!

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