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Ellen DeGeneres and Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads was shown on the Ellen Degeneres show!  We hope you get a laugh from watching our show clip.

Our products are real (cloth menstrual and incontinence pads) but even we can laugh at ourselves.  Life is too short to be serious all the time!

"Ellen's Fluffy Pillows for my Vagina" as pitched by Scott.  Below is the clip from the actual Ellen TV show.  Ellen's reaction to Scott's video is priceless!  Watch it here now:

The back story:  Ellen asked for submissions to her "Sellin Ellen" campaign requesting product ideas that she could partner with and sell in her Ellen Store.  Scott got to work immediately and created our "pitch video" and submitted it on EllenTube.  The Ellen show team selected our video over hundreds of other submitted videos to be featured in their first ever segment of Sellin Ellen.  It was only 2 weeks between making and uploading the video and having parts of it shown to millions of people world-wide!  Here is the original full length pitch video that got Ellen's attention.

It was pretty exciting to see us on screen on the Ellen show!  We had no advance notice and a customer informed us that we were on the show before it aired in our city.  We had a lot of fun making the video and we are glad that Ellen thought the video was worthy of entertaining her audience.  

Want to hear our thoughts about being on Ellen?  We were invited to CJOB 680 talk radio in Winnipeg to share our thoughts about the experience plus the history of our company.  Listen to the below video featuring the 5 minutes of audio from our live in-studio conversation.  We had a lot of fun in this interview!

Can we change her mind?  Well we can certainly try!  We sent Ellen a size sampler pad package featuring fun prints as suggested by our customers.  We also sent this message along with a video:

"Hi Ellen!  Thanks for including my previous video in your TV segment of Sellin Ellen.  We had a great laugh!!!  We'd love for you to reconsider.  To accomplish this we got our male friends and neighbours to read out loud and on camera real customer reviews - in exchange for beer.  We laughed so hard filming this and we think you and your audience will love this video too!  "Ellen's Fluffy Pillows for my Vagina" have real benefits and our 10's of thousands of customers in 45 countries will tell you how they changed their lives.  Yes, we are a real company and this is a real product (the Ellen branding will start once we partner up)."

Here is the video we sent:

We will keep our fingers crossed!  Regardless, we really appreciate the huge platform Ellen provided for us to expose more people to the world of cloth menstrual pads.  This certainly was a fun little adventure for us at Tree Hugger Cloth Pads!

If you have come here because you saw us on Ellen, please browse around this web site to learn more about our cloth pads and why our customers love them.  (again, YES our cloth pads are a real product!)



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