What wet bag size do I need when using cloth pads?

What wet bag size do I need when using cloth pads?

A comprehensive comparison of wet bags available at Tree Hugger Cloth Pads 

So many choices, so many needs!  Taking cloth pads to work or school?  Storing cloth pads at home?  Traveling while using cloth pads?  How do you know which wet bag fits your needs?  Let's compare!

We sell multiple sizes from tiny to big and they all come in a large variety of colors and prints.  All of our wet bags have at least one waterproof PUL lined pocket.

Let's start with the smallest:

Pad wrappers

These are custom made just for Tree Hugger Cloth Pads and are so very handy.  With no zippers they are envelope style and can be used to keep one clean pad anywhere you may need one.  Toss it in your purse, locker, car or more!  They measure 3.75"x5".  What can they hold?  Any of the following:

-One day pad

-One night pad

-2 washcloths (great for noses or bums!)

-1 menstrual cup


Next up... the Pocket Wet Bags

We actually offer 2 sizes of little one pocket wet bags.

One measures 4"x6" these are not a lot bigger than our pad wrappers but because they have a zipper along the top they can hold more.  What fits?  Any of the following:

-Two Day Pads

-Three Pantyliners

-1 Night Pad

-Two washcloths and a menstrual cup

-One Day Pad and a menstrual cup

-They are also food safe and can be used as snack bags!!!

The other measures 4.5x8" and holds 4 day pads or 2 night pads perfectly.

Dual Pocket Purse Wet Bags (also known as Mini Double Duty wet bags)

This is where they get a little different.  Now the wet bags have 2 zippered compartments!  Made by Colibri they have a larger heat-sealed waterproof zippered compartment for your folded up used pads and a smaller dry zippered compartment on the front to hold your clean cloth pads.  Each bag measures approximately 6.5" x 8.5".  These are great for taking to work when you will be needing a few pads throughout the day.  Depending on the size/absorbency of pad they hold 5 day pads.




Bathroom Wet Bags (also known as Dual Pocket, Medium Wet Bags or Double Duty wet bags)

This is the size you will likely want for keeping in your bathroom that you can toss used pads in until wash time.  These bags have so many other uses like:

-Holding a wet bathing suit and towel for swim lessons

-Cloth diapers on the go

-Packing toiletries or even clothes when traveling

-Hang one on the oven for dirty dishcloths

  These bags measure approximately 12"x15" 

The XL Wet Bags are a HUGE multi-pupose bag perfect for the beach or traveling or even as laundry bags.  They measure 17x24".

To see more info as well as the available print choices please visit our website:

Pad Wrappers

Pocket Wet Bags

Dual Pocket Purse Wet Bags

Medium Bathroom Wet Bags

XL Wet Bags

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