PFAS Tested *Canadian Made* Period Underwear

PFAS Tested *Canadian Made* Period Underwear

Our period underwear has now been tested for PFAS!  We are happy to announce the tests we have had conducted all passed with reported no detectable levels of PFAS (see test results below)PFAS are the harmful "forever chemicals" that some companies have gotten in trouble for.

We make our underwear IN Canada.  And it takes a lot of money to do testing like this.  We appreciate your patience while we were waiting for the test results.

We have gotten so many requests for this testing and the results are just as important to us as they are to you!

We used a global independent testing company called SGS and spent a long time discussing all of the information with their scientists and chemists.  We worked to understand what we needed to test and what the current industry standards are.  At times, we felt a little out of our league but they are trained experts in this field and knew exactly what we needed to do.

With the goal of full transparency, we are posting the results below.  There are 4 materials in our underwear and 4 separate test results.

The first 3 fabrics' results show a PASS for fluorine.  PFAS is a type (subset) of fluorine so a PASS for fluorine means a PASS for PFAS (no detectible PFAS).

Jersey Fabric Test Results 

Athletic Fabric Test Results

Zorb Fabric Test Results

The fourth fabric (Dintex) test results shows a PASS for the PFAS test (at the current California testing level standard).  This fabric is the waterproof material in our underwear and it required a more specific PFAS test.

Dintex Waterproof Test Results

The scientists were clear that we shouldn’t be so bold to say that our underwear is “PFAS free” but only to say that the specific samples we provided were tested to be PFAS free above a detectable limit.  This is because we can’t control how our fabric manufacturers work and what they will do in the future.  We will continue to use the terminology “PFAS-tested period underwear” rather than “PFAS-free period underwear” for legal and accuracy reasons and will test again in the future to keep as current as we can be.

In conclusion, the 4 results show a PASS for PFAS testing on all 4 materials/fabrics that make up our Tree Hugger Cloth Pads period underwear.

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