NEW Softshell Fleece Backing

NEW Softshell Fleece Backing

New Softshell Fleece Backing

-100% Waterproof & Breathable 

-PFAS Free-Fluorine Free

-Plant-based durable water water-repellent layer

-Thinner than our previous Windpro Fleece!!!

-Same Grippy texture to secure pads in place

-Washer & Dryer Safe

Fabric technology has come a long way since we first started making pads 15 years ago and it’s time to take advantage of it!  Zorb is still by far the superior absorbent core fabric but waterproof fabrics have improved greatly.

When we first started Tree Hugger Cloth Pads we used generic fleece found in any local fabric store.  Then a few years ago we upgraded to Windpro fleece which is higher quality which means longer-lasting pads.  Now we have upgraded again!  The biggest difference is that it is 100% waterproof rather than water-resistant and it’s thinner!  We have been working on this for months and sent out dozens of prototypes (with different backing options) for people to test for us.  Keeping a grippy backing was very important to our testers.  The feedback was overwhelmingly in favor of this Softshell fleece over our current Windpro and also over an even thinner “PUL-type” backing that we also considered. Our testers were excited for the extra security this new softshell backing provides as well as it making the pads thinner!

We are slowly going to be introducing this new softshell fleece going forward as we continue to sew new pads.  All pads on our website will state which backing they have “Windpro Fleece” or “Softshell Fleece”.  You can find all of the current first batch of Softshell fleece backed pads by searching "Softshell" in the search bar. We have a workshop full of Windpro-backed pads currently so it will be a very slow process switching over however our big annual events (Jersey event date TBA and Stash Dash in May) will all be backed with Softshell Fleece.


The new Softshell Fleece backed pads are currently being introduced at the existing Windpro fleece price.

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