Is Canadian Period Underwear “Made in Canada”?

Is Canadian Period Underwear “Made in Canada”?

Do you want to buy Canadian made period underwear?  From a Canadian reusable period panty company?  Then this is an important article to read because the marketing around Canadian period underwear isn’t always so clear cut.

There are Canadian period underwear companies - big companies - who encourage you to “support Canadian”.  But, if you’ve bought from them, check the “made in” tag on your underwear.  Primarily, they are made in Korea, China, or somewhere very much not Canada.  They don’t disclose that out in the open or they use language like “designed in Canada” and “we are a Canadian company” rather than boldly saying “Made in China”. The “support Canada” in mostly about their head office.

If you are considering Canadian period panty companies, you must really be careful to look for where they are made.  You should look at the company’s fine / hidden print or even ask them directly “in what country do you manufacture your underwear”.  As we said, they won’t put up front “made in Korea” (for example) as that’s not the “support Canadian” narrative that sounds more attractive.  

We at Tree Hugger Cloth Pads make high quality comfortable sustainable period underwear right here in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.  Our seamstresses work from home at their own schedule.  We support the idea that they can take care of their children and other family and responsibilities around a good work-family balance.  They also create their own work set up (windows, music, etc) at home for their own mental health rather than a factory setting (even in Canada).  That’s part of our company values.

When you buy from us - you support Canadian families and local economies - not factories and not overseas production.

So here comes a big question: why have these other companies become so popular?  A part of the reason is the money they save by shipping their production overseas gives them a large marketing budget to get the word out to you.  You see their advertisements all the time.  Unfortunately, NOT supporting Canadian workers is often good for business. 

Please consider purchasing Tree Hugger Cloth Pad’s own high quality period underwear and discover how great local Canadian hand made production can be! Click here to learn more about our underwear including benefits and pricing.

Support Canadian period underwear!  Support local families!  Support period underwear from Tree Hugger Cloth Pads!

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