Advanced Tactics and Strategies for a Successful Black Friday Sale Experience

Advanced Tactics and Strategies for a Successful Black Friday Sale Experience

**** Updated for our exciting 2022 edition!!! ****

Black Friday is most exciting day of the year!  Hundreds of sets of discounted imperfect pad sets, discounts on regular stock, free gifts, free shipping, and more details below.

A large selection of discounted imperfect cloth pad sets will be made available at 12 midnight (CST) and then, following that, every hour on the hour from 8 am to 8 pm (CST).  You will get 10% off EVERYTHING in the store including the discounted sets (yes, a discount off the discounts) via a coupon code which will automatically appear in the shopping cart when you check out between 12 am and 11:59 pm (CST) on Black Friday.

This guide will give you some tips and strategies to make your shopping day a success!

1 - Bookmark the "BLACK FRIDAY" page and refresh it midnight and at the top of every hour between 8 am and 8 pm (CST).  Here is the link:

2 - Know your time zone!  New discounted imperfect pads will appear at 12 midnight on Friday and then again between 8 am and 8 pm (CST) (inclusive) on the day of Black Friday.  Check out your time zone and know the time conversion from CST to your time zone in advance.

3 - Know when you have actually purchased an item.  Putting items in your cart does not claim them for you.  Once payment comes through then they are yours.  Add them to your cart, follow the checkout instructions and once you have paid then you will see a screen that has a confirmation number on it.  You will also receive an emailed confirmation (be sure to enter your email address correctly).

4 - Make purchases quickly and frequently.  There will be no shipping charges for Canada and USA orders that day.  Sometimes someone else will purchase an item before you and cause it to disappear from your cart.  Pay for the item to secure the pads then continue shopping.  We will combine all your order totals to apply towards the free gifts.

5 - Add regular stock items to your shopping cart IN ADVANCE.  Regular stock items can sell out as well.  If it shows there is only 1 left, believe it and grab it!  This will save time and you can purchase immediately after adding a discounted set.  You will automatically be sent free gifts based on your total spent that day.

6 - Remember to select the FREE shipping option at checkout.  Shipping is free for Canada and USA customers but ONLY if you select the FREE option.  Sorry, we cannot change this and offer refunds afterward.

7 - Have your check-out information ready.  Create an account with Tree Hugger Cloth Pads website before the event day so that your address info will auto-populate for you.  Also, have your credit card information ready for a copy and paste.  If you plan to use Sezzle to make payments, look into setting that up with them in advance.

8 - Have fun.  Think of our Black Friday event as a kind of scavenger hunt where discounted imperfect pads will pop up and disappear (as they sell out) every hour (some faster than others) and your job is to find some fun pads to buy.  

Bonus Tips and Help - Join the Tree Hugger Cloth Pads newsletter (bottom of our website) to stay informed of future events and Black Friday Sale notices.  Join our Facebook chat group to ask questions about our pads or our sale.



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