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Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Leaf Pad Boosters -Un-dyed Bamboo Velour

Leaf Pad Boosters -Un-dyed Bamboo Velour

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These leaves are used to help direct your flow to the middle of the pad as well as boosting the absorbency to help with un-expected "gushes".  If you find you are a front-bleeder or a back-bleeder then these will be a great addition to your stash.

They are also great make up remover pads!

Sold in sets of 6 these "leaves" are worn externally by folding in half lengthwise and placing between the labia.  They also offer added protection for incontinence when worn/tucked more towards the front.  

These are designed to be worn with a pad/pantyliner as well and are not intended to replace pads. They should be changed when you change your pad or when going to the bathroom.

Fabric choice is so important to us so these leaves are made with two layers of super soft bamboo velour fabric (Content: 70% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 2% polyester) and no bleach or brightening agents are used.

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads "Leaves" measure approximately 4.5" long by 2" wide.

These are NOT for internal use and using them internally would not be using them for their intended purpose.

Handy tip:  They are comfortable and you can forget you are wearing them so make sure not to drop them in the toilet.


Care Instructions

Pad & Period Underwear Washing Instructions:

-Machine Wash in Cold/Warm Water

-Dryer safe on Delicate setting

-Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Makes each pad customized!

I lay them flat on the pad which makes every pad more absorbent like the bamboo fabric ones! I also change these out every time I go to the bathroom so I have a dry layer throughout my entire cycle without having to change my pad every time I go to the bathroom. Sometimes if I'm on a light day, the leaf will shift around so they need to be adjusted when going to the bathroom. To help with this, I wear snug women's boyshort style panties which holds everything in place because the gusset area is larger than bikini style.

Saved me a bundle!

These little leaves (aka pad boosters) work so well that they made previous poor purchases work, saving my investment in other brands as I was buying and trying to find the right pad for me. I have Multiple Sclerosis and incontinence is a daily issue. These buy me time and I can usually make it to the bathroom in time, having only my "leaf" to wash. The only down side is how comfortable they are! I forget about them and have had to fish several out of the toilet! I have flushed only one. Remembered it just in time to watch it go down, down, down… I love this little invention! Would give 10 stars if I could.


Meh. Not worth it.

Buy 1 Get 1 Tree

We plant a tree or every pad and period underwear we sell. Making a difference one pad at a time!

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