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Donate a cloth pad to someone in need - Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Donate a cloth pad to someone in need

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In the past, our customers have asked for a way that they can donate cloth pads through us and we would love for you to join us.

For every $5 donation, we will add another Tree Hugger Cloth Pad to the box we are donating this December.

We are currently working on putting together a donation of cloth pads to be donated to The North End Women's Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  They are excited to be working with us and will put these pads to good use.


More information on the North End Women's Center:

The North End Women’s Centre’s objectives are:

  • To facilitate opportunities for women to connect with each other and other resources in the community;
  • To educate and support women affected by violence in ways to help them keep safe, heal, and develop healthy relationships;
  • To support women in reducing their use of addictive substances and educate them on healthier ways of coping;
  • To assist women in improving their economic well-being and increasing their financial independence;
  • To provide women with transitional housing and assist them in finding safe and/or stable housing;
  • To provide women and children the skills and knowledge they need to build a healthy parent-child relationship;
  • To actively participate in the community development and community economic development initiatives of the North End;
  • To encourage women to take care of all aspects of self including their body, mind, emotions, and spirit; and
  • To provide quality services to women and children.

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