The Best Product for that time of the month. Period!

The softest things you can stuff in your panties! (for menstruation or incontinence)  Our customers nicknamed our reusable cloth pads "Fluffy Pillows For Your Vagina." 

People positively gush about the comfort, the money they save, and how much less garbage they toss away using our pads.  Plus we plant a tree for every pad sold.

Got the jitters about making the switch to cloth pads?  It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Wear with confidence
  2. Toss in the washing machine
  3. Re-use and be happy!!

We are a family run Canadian business committed to customer service, quality products, and bringing some happiness to your Aunt Flow.

Brand new to reusable cloth pads?  We recommend our minky fabric starter sets or bamboo fabric starter sets.

Explore the menu to see our HUGE selection of pads in MANY sizes, fabrics, and prints.