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Crotching Tiger Period Panties- Medium/Large - Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Crotching Tiger Period Panties- Medium/Large

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Panties are 95% cotton & 5% elastane. Made in China.

These are NOT made by Tree Hugger Cloth Pads but are such a perfect item to add to your period "attire".

From Harebrained:

Why are these called Period Panties?

Harebrained's Period Panties are fun underwear that high-five you for having ovaries! The Period Panties feature a double-lined black gusset panel to help prevent stains. The focus of the underwear is the cute-yet-demented designs, the (admittedly terrible) puns, and the comfort that a structured and breathable pair of underwear provides! They are not meant to serve as a replacement for a tampon, pad, or cup. It may not be the high point of your month, but with Period Panties and Tree Hugger Cloth Pads, your period doesn't need to be the low point either!

Attention: Our sizing has changed. (See Below)

If you're between sizes, we recommend sizing up. Nobody wants a tight waistband at that time of the month!

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