What is a "Stash Dash"?

What is a "Stash Dash"?

What is a "Stash Dash" and tips for a successful and fun event day.

Crystal Burton 
Owner of Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Ready, set, GO!  You might have heard all the buzz and excitement about our "Stash Dash".  But what is it?  Well, you're in for a treat.

Stash Dash is one of our most exciting days of the year.  We will be selling pads in 100's of fun and fancy prints exclusive to this event only.  The quantity of pads in each print is very limited so some will sell out in minutes while others may be available for much longer.  If you spot a specific print that you love, make the "dash" to buy those pads before someone else buys them before you!

Stash Dash happens every year in May (the Friday before Mother's Day- this year May 10th 2024).  New pads will appear on our web site ("Sale" page) every hour on the hour from 7 am to 9 pm (CST - Central Standard Time).  Any unsold pads will disappear off the web site the next day when we start shipping out event orders.

This is NOT a "sale".  It's an EVENT!  These pads are in very limited quantities and cost $1.00 more each than our regular inventory to reflect the increased cost of the custom printed fabric and producing in smaller quantities.  We believe that these exclusive prints will be well worth the extra $1.00 - you'll have to see them!  As a bonus, we offer FREE shipping to Canada and the USA during this event so that you can buy once, twice, or even many times throughout the day without shipping costs hurting your wallet.

It will be fast-paced at times but if you come into the event with a positive attitude and a sense of adventure, you'll have a great time.  This guide will give you some tips and strategies to make your shopping day a success!

1 - Bookmark the "Event" page and refresh it at the top of the hour.  Link coming soon. This year you also have the option to view the limited edition pads by fabric/size in the drop down menu.

2 - Know your time zone!  New exclusive pads will appear from 7 am to 9 pm central standard time (CST) on the day of Stash Dash.  Check out your time zone and know the time conversion from CST to your time zone in advance.

3 - Know when you have actually purchased an item.  Putting items in your cart does not claim them for you.  Once payment comes through then they are yours.  Add them to your cart, follow the checkout instructions and once you have paid then you will see a screen that has a confirmation number on it.  You will also receive an emailed confirmation (if you entered your email address correctly).

4 - Make purchases quickly and frequently.  There will be no shipping charges for Canada and USA orders that day.  There is no penalty for making many transactions.  Pay for the items to secure the pads then continue shopping.  We will combine all your orders for shipping.

5 - Add regular stock items to your shopping cart IN ADVANCE.  You can also utilize the Wish List feature on our website.  Regular stock items on our web site can be purchased as well and included in our free shipping offer (Canada & USA) during Stash Dash.

6 - Remember to select the FREE shipping option at checkout.  Shipping is free for Canada and USA customers but ONLY if you select the FREE option.  Sorry, we cannot change this and offer refunds afterward.

7 - Check out the "clues" to see if there is a theme you don't want to miss.  Clues are listed on the sale page as well as being included in the newsletter.  Not all prints are represented in the listed themes and just because there is a theme you like the sound of it may not mean you like the exact print so check back often.

8- Have fun.  Think of our Stash Dash event as a kind of scavenger hunt where fun exclusive pads will pop up and disappear every hour (some faster than others) and your job is to find some fun pads.  

Bonus tips - Join the Tree Hugger Cloth Pads newsletter (bottom of our website) to stay informed of future events.  Join our Facebook chat group to ask questions about our pads or our event.

Photo from Stash Dash 2018:

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