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How to tell if you will want the 2nd snap for a narrow fit

How to tell if you will want a narrow-fit snap

Crystal Burton 
Owner of Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Did you see our 2nd snap option but are not sure what that is or even if you'd want it?  You are not alone!  This article will share with you the details of the extra snap option and the benefits and potential negatives of having a 2nd snap added for a narrower fit.

There is a common (but not necessarily true) belief is that if you are petite person you will need the extra snap and if you are plus sized you will not.  It is more accurate to consider the type of underwear you wear rather than the size of person you are.

Consider how wide the narrowest part of the crotch of the underwear you wear during your period is.  Brands that come in packages (sometimes referred to as "Granny Panties") often have a wider crotch than brands from popular lingerie stores which can be more narrow or "cheeky".  

Do you have to wear "Granny Panties" if you use cloth pads?  No!  The most important factor for underwear is that they fit snug but cloth pads can work well in bikinis or briefs in most if not all brands.

So, what measurements are you looking for?  Our pantyliners measure approximately 2.25" wide with the regular snap setting, our day pads measure approximately 2.5" wide with the regular snap setting, and our night pads are 3" wide.  

*It is important to note that we DO NOT offer an extra snap setting on our night/postpartum pads because of their unique design which cannot go any narrower without making the pads bunch (which would cause run-off).  

The extra snap for narrow fit will give you the option to make your pantyliners and day pads approximately 1/2" narrower when the wings are snapped together.

Still not sure if you want to take the plunge and request 2nd snaps to be added?  The great thing about getting the extra snap is that you don't even have to use it.  Use the standard snap instead as it will still be there.  Plus, this extra snap customization is FREE of charge!  The extra snap can be there just in case.  

Why don't we automatically offer both snaps standard on every pad we sell?  Since I personally use our pads and do not need the narrow fit myself, then I would rather not have an extra snap between my legs if it's not needed.  

If you would like the extra snap added when you order, please include a note at check out (there is a "Comments and Special Instructions" box) and we will make it happen.

It's totally up to you!  We are pleased to offer this optional and completely FREE service to our customers.

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