Canadian Prices vs US Prices

Canadian Prices vs US Prices

Canadian Prices VS USA Prices

Crystal Burton
Owner of Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Why does the $ in the shopping cart change to CAD in the checkout process? Why do USD and CAD prices look different? 

We ship our cloth pads to many customers in the USA.  In fact, we even ship to the USA from the USA (North Dakota).  We do get some confusion about currency differences at times so this post is meant to help reduce that confusion.

As an American, your United States Dollar (USD) has more value than many other currencies around the world - including Canadian Dollars (CAD). So how does this difference in currency value affect you? 

 Relative currency values change daily but let’s assume that today’s value difference is: it costs $0.67 USD to buy $1 CAD (which means $.67 USD is an equivalent value to $1 CAD). So: 

- If you purchase $100 CAD in Tree Hugger Cloth Pads and charge it to your credit card (or Paypal), your credit card (or Paypal) will convert it back for you to approximately $67 USD (for example) after you have paid, on your credit card statement. 

 The key here is that your receipt will be in Canadian Dollars because we are in Canada, but your credit card (or Paypal) will do the conversion for you and charge you the appropriate converted amount in US dollars on your credit card statement. 

 We have a handy tool at the top of our website to preview a reasonable expectation of the USD equivalent prices at the current date’s conversion rate. Even if you choose to preview the prices in USD on our website, the final shopping cart will always be listed in the equivalent value in CAD. 

We hope this quick explanation helps solve any confusion you may have had. Please shop around our store and enjoy the high purchasing power that your United States currency provides you.

Details on our USA Shipping Policy and Pricing

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