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Welcome to our shop! Let's find your perfect pad.

 You’ll love our “Fluffy Pillows For Your Vagina” (a nickname given by our customers) or better known as CLOTH MENSTRUAL PADS.  Looking for a better period pad or a solution to live happier with incontinence?  We've got you covered!  Our customers positively gush about our pads and we think that you will too! 

Got the jitters thinking about making the switch to cloth pads?  It’s not as hard as you might think.  Easy as 1-2-3!

1- Wear with confidence!

2- Toss in the washing machine!

3- Re-use and be happy!!  You are now free from uncomfortable, money-sucking disposables!

Tired of corporate giants taking your money every month?  Our home-based business is just little ‘ol me (Crystal), my husband Scott (aka “Padman”), and our lovely sewing team of work-at-home moms.  

We are pleased to meet you and we know you’ll love our pretty pads!   Period. 

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